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The Coaching Psychologist Vol 13 No 2 December 2017

The Coaching Psychologist Vol 13 No 2 December 2017

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of coaching psychology. This issue has articles on second wave positive psychology coaching with difficult emotions, coaching through walking, mindfulness in coaching and also includes a Peer Practice Groups 2017 Update.




David Tee

Letter from the Chair
David Webster


Second Wave Positive Psychology Coaching with difficult emotions: Introducing the mnemonic of 'TEARS HOPE'
Ceri Sims

Techniques and Approaches section

Coaching through walking
Arthur Turner

Mindfulness in coaching: STOP
Jonathan Passmore

Reports section

Peer Practice Groups 2017 Update
Margaret Macafee

Conference interviews

Giving voice to variety
David Tee

Book reviews

An Introduction to Coaching Skills. A Practical Guide (2nd Edition)
By Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Reviewed by Marie Edwards

Mindfulness at Work: The Practice and Science of Mindfulness for Leaders, Coaches and Facilitators
By Jonathan Passmore and Samantha Amit
Reviewed by Mary Hughes

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The Coaching Psychologist 2017 Volume Index


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