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The Coaching Psychologist Vol 3 No 1 April 2007

The Coaching Psychologist Vol 3 No 1 April 2007

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Quick Overview

The Coaching Psychologist covers all aspects of research, theory, practice and case studies in the arena of coaching psychology.




Chair's Report
Siobhain O'Riordan

Kasia Szymanska

Sustaining change through Emotional Intelligence
Jo Maddocks

The theoretical roots of NLP-based coaching
Susie Linder Pelz & L. Michael Hall

Life coaching: Origins, directions and potential risk - why the contribution of psychologists is needed more than ever
Jeanette Senior

The development of an effective staff coaching programme for stress prevention and reduction in the Prison Service
Sarah Talbot-Landon, Stephen Palmer & Paul Flaxman

The 2006 BPS SGCP Conference: A non-psychologist's personal view
Paul Ellis

SGCP Conference Report: 1st International Coaching Psychology Conference 18-19 December, 2006
Jennifer Liston Smith

International News

The war that may have ended before it has begun. The Norwegian coaching standards. A personal perspective from Norway
Paul O. Olson

Book Review
Kasia Szymanska

Additional Information