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The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin – Issue 2 Spring 2017

The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin – Issue 2 Spring 2017

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Quick Overview

This publication from the BPS Cognitive Psychology Section is for psychologists working in the fields of industry, the health service, government departments, and colleges and universities. Their interests cover most aspects of cognitive psychology and related areas. The aim of The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin is to keep members informed about:

  • Section and other relevant Society activities;

  • innovative practice changes in statutory provision and legislation;

  • latest research; and

  • training courses, events and conferences

It also provides a means for psychologists, trainees and assistants to make contact with colleagues working with similar issues or projects.



Duncan Guest

Chair's Column
Sue Sherman

The BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Committee

The 33rd BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference

Articles from the Keynotes

  • Gastrophysics: The new science of the diner
    Charles Spence
  • The cognitive basis of skills (and their absence) in detecting deception
    Thomas C. Ormerod & Coral J. Dando
  • The roles of auditory streams of processing in speech processing
    Sophie Scott
  • If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart
    Albert Costa

Winners of the Best Conference Poster Award

  • Cross-modal selective attention in synaesthetes: Evidence for better filtering abilitie
    Anna Mas-Casadesús & Elena Gherri
  • The eyes have it! The role of specific facial features for identity matching
    N Gentry, M Bindemann & R Johnston

Methods of Investigation

Tracking trajectories: A brief review for researchers
Christopher Kent, Sarah Taylor, Niall Taylor & Emily Darley

PsyToolkit: A novel way to run experiments and questionnaires online
Gijsbert Stoet

OpenSesame: A python based experiment builder
Joshua Baker

The Cognitive Psychology Section Online
Natalie Butcher & Michael Pilling

Conference Reviews

Bursary Winner Conference Reviews

The 10th Anniversary meeting of the Research in Imagery and Observation Group
Jonathan Emerson, Matthew Scott, Ryan P.W. Kenny & Erica Jinks

Postgraduate Section

Does wakeful rest enhance declarative memory?
Amy Atkinson

Auditory-visual integration in noise: A brief review
Jemaine Stacey

Positive emotion expands visual attention... Or maybe not...
Ashley, J. Taylor, Robert, C.A. Bendall, & Catherine Thompson

A tribute to Dr Allan McNeill
Sue Sherman and friends


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