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The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin – Issue 3 Spring 2018

The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin – Issue 3 Spring 2018

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Quick Overview

This publication from the BPS Cognitive Psychology Section is for psychologists working in the fields of industry, the health service, government departments, and colleges and universities. Their interests cover most aspects of cognitive psychology and related areas. The aim of The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin is to keep members informed about:

  • Section and other relevant Society activities;

  • innovative practice changes in statutory provision and legislation;

  • latest research; and

  • training courses, events and conferences

It also provides a means for psychologists, trainees and assistants to make contact with colleagues working with similar issues or projects.



Duncan Guest & Andrew Dunn

Chair's Column
Duncan Guest

The BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Committee

The 34th BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference

Articles from the Keynotes

  • Replicability in psychological science
    Stephen Lindsay
  • A dimensional approach to developmental impairments of learning
    Susan E. Gathercole
  • Identity from variation: Representations of faces derived from multiple instances
    Mike Burton

Winners of the Best Conference Poster Award

  • Profiling Executive Functions in Homeless Youth: Comparison with Housed Peers
    Charlotte E. Fry, Katherine H. Shelton & Kate Langley
  • Comparing Methods of Categorisation
    Emma Morgan

Winner of the Best Undergraduate Project Award

  • Super-recognition: Long-term reliable memory of unfamiliar faces following a 'fleeting glimpse'
    Luiza-Diandra Bretfelean & Josh P Davis

Research Reviews

Turning play into research: The accidental study of competitive decision-making
Benjamin J. Dyson

The link between anxiety and cognitive performance: What we know a decade on
Elizabeth J. Edwards & Mark S. Edwards

Methods of Investigation

Virtual reality in cognitive psychology research on memory
Peggy L. St. Jacques

A helpful guide to implementing virtual reality in research
Heather Iriye

PsychoPy's online revolution
Jon Peirce

The Cognitive Psychology Section Online
Natalie Butcher & Michael Pilling


Some reflections on the replication crises: Reviews of The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology and Rigor Mortis
Mark Andrews

Review of the 20th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology
Catherine Thompson

Review of the ESRC Conference: Bayesian Data Analysis in the Social Sciences Curriculum
Philip Fine

Not conferencing but hardy and rewarding public engagement: Unplugged at the Fringe with the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas
Faye Skelton


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