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The Neuropsychologist Issue 4 October 2017

The Neuropsychologist Issue 4 October 2017

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Quick Overview

The periodical is published twice per year and serves as a forum for keeping members abreast of developments in the profession. Each issue includes a selection of articles on applied topics in clinical neuropsychology alongside reviews of conferences and books, member interviews, and updates on developments in the profession.





Jessica Fish

Update from the Clinical Neuropsychology Qualifications Board on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors
Tracey Ryan-Morgan

Update on the Division of Neuropsychology Scotland
Fiona Summers


Conference reviews

British Neuropsychological Society Spring Meeting & Joint Symposium with the BPS Division of Neuropsychology

Paediatric Neuropsychology symposium, Glasgow, 17 March 2017

BPS Annual Conference 2017

3rd International Conference on Functional (Psychogenic) Neurological Disorders (FND) Conference: 6-8 September 2017

News of members

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Narinder Kapur

Dr Marion Frances Gibson (nee Murray) (1971-2017)

Dr Denise Waller (1977-2017)


Homelessness and brain injury: What role do we play as socially-conscious
service providers?

Rebecca L. Forrester, Ste Weatherhead, Ché Rosebert, Nigel Hewett & Andrew Worthington

A preliminary evaluation of intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy within
a functional neurological symptoms service

Leo A. Russell, Ann C. Turner & Philip J. Yates

The Abbreviated Westmead Post-traumatic Amnesia Scale: A procedure to identify post-traumatic amnesia after mild traumatic brain injury
Susanne Meares & E. Arthur Shores

The obscure hemisphere: What stroke clinicians know about right- versus
left-hemisphere lesions?

Elizabeth A. Fowler, Sergio Della Sala, Simon R. Hart & Robert D. McIntosh

Illness perceptions: A review and implications for paediatric neuropsychologists
Charlotte Evans, Laurie Josephs & Kate Scarff

The clinical use of Cogmed Working Memory Training (CWMT): A clinician survey
Briony Westgate, Darren Dunning, Harley Roberts & Anna-Lynne Ruth Adlam


Book review

An interview with Andrew Worthington
Interviewer: Jessica Fish


Additional Information