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The Neuropsychologist Issue 9 - April 2020

The Neuropsychologist Issue 9 - April 2020

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Quick Overview

The periodical is published twice per year and serves as a forum for keeping members abreast of developments in the profession. Each issue includes a selection of articles on applied topics in clinical neuropsychology alongside reviews of conferences and books, member interviews, and updates on developments in the profession.





Jessica Fish

Update from the Chair
Katherine Carpenter

News and notices

Division of Neuropsychology awards
Liam Dorris

Obituary for Don Stuss
Barbara A. Wilson

Rare Dementias Clinical-Research Network (RDCRN)

MND research request

Reviews and Events

Book review: The Story of a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Barbara A. Wilson
Reviewed by Jean McFarlane

Encephalitis Conference 2019, Royal College of Physicians, London, 2 December 2019
Clare Humphries

Division of Neuropsychology Networking Day, Manchester Hall, Manchester, 31 January 2020

Abstracts from the 'Information Blitz' session of the Manchester Networking Day


'I know it, but I don't feel it': Reflections on using compassion focused therapy (CFT) to tackle the limitations of traditional cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) after acquired brain injury (ABI)
Emma Ferguson

Evaluating a community interdisciplinary neurological rehabilitation team using patient interviews focused on self-management
Alice Partridge, Megan Wilkinson-Tough & Leon Dysch

Homelessness and head injury: Health, wellbeing and social integration in referrals to a neurocase management service
Andrew Worthington, Lee Edwards & Lauren Joiner

TA smartwatch intervention with three amnesic patients
Narinder Kapur, Dalia Levi, Jasmine Halvey & Malini Maharasingam

Increasing outcome measure completion in adult patients with a traumatic brain injury: Ideas from the research literature and evaluation of service change
Craig Peak, Daniela Di Basilio & Lorraine King

Training multi-disciplinary staff on the neuropsychological aspects of stroke: An evaluation of a workshop approach
Cliodhna Carroll & Elizabeth C. Kent

Experiences of individuals with Parkinson's disease who report sensed presence
Richard Cant, Grace Devenney, Paddy Harris, Kimberley Hastings, Andrew James, Claire Morton, Natalie Salimi & Jacqueline Woods


Interview with Professor Anna Abraham
Steven Kemp

Additional Information