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The Psychologist Vol 22 No 7 July 2009

The Psychologist Vol 22 No 7 July 2009

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  • Forum: the appearance of terror; neuropsychologists; IAPT; and more
  • News: scams; super-recognisers; schizophrenia and violence; imagination and racism; long-term effects of bullying; mirror neuron controversy; and more
  • Media: psychologists and talent shows
  • Book reviews: against theory of mind; talent; capabilities and happiness; mental illness; and women and depression
  • Society: President's column; David Clark's Honorary Fellowship; M.B. Shapiro Award for Til Wykes; stroke guide; and more
  • Careers: Dame Joan Harbison talks about a career in supporting the needs of vulnerable groups; Phoebe Holland on valuable experience gained through a mentoring; getting an assistant psychologist post; the latest jobs; and how to advertise


Dancing plagues and mass hysteria
John Waller

A language in common   
Deborah Cameron on misconceptions about gender differences in language

Is paranoia increasing?   
Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman speculate on the factors that could be behind a '21st-century fear'
Factors in food choice   
Gaby Pfeifer, undergraduate winner of our student writer competition

Extra-sensory perception   
Eric Robinson, postgraduate winner

The face is familiar   
Lance Workman talks to Vicki Bruce

Methods: the Delphi method - a guide from Susanne Iqbal and Laura Pipon-Young

One on one
...with Bill McKeachie


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