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The Psychologist Vol 22 No 8 August 2009

The Psychologist Vol 22 No 8 August 2009

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  • Forum: psychology and the media; IAPT, continued; the revised DSM; obits; and more
  • News: the face of Phineas Gage; autism service provision; Queen's honours; crowd behaviour; online brain repository; genetic influences on talent; and more
  • Media: from brutality to brilliance: the BBC Blood and Guts series
  • Book reviews: ten Zen questions; cognitive behaviour counselling; personality disorder; bodies; and Vygotsky at work and play
  • Society: President's column; the Society's new Strategic Plan; Spearman Medal; new British Journal of Educational Psychology monograph; and more
  • Careers


The good, the bad and the intentional    
Dan Jones on the often surprising part played by moral judgements in our 'folk psychology'

Terror in the night   
Julia Santomauro and Christopher C. French examine sleep paralysis

Too stressed to sleep   
Alice M. Gregory and Nicola L. Barclay on whether stress early in life is linked to later sleep problems

An active, synthetic genius   
Allan Hobson, one of the pioneers in the field of what sleep and dreaming are 'for', talks to Jon Sutton

Looking back
the Avengers of psychology, Neil O'Connor and Beate Hermelin, by Uta Frith

One on one
...with Susan Golombok


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