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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 11 November 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 11 November 2010

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'Daddy,' said my six-year-old son on the day I finished interviewing Cordelia Fine, 'Did you know that boys go to college to get more knowledge, and girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider?' I chuckled at the irony (before soundly chastising him), but reflected that it was incidents such as this that prompted Fine to write her excellent book Delusions of Gender. On p.900, Fine takes aim at 'misguided neurological explanations and justifications of sex inequality', including Simon Baron-Cohen's 'essential difference' approach. On p.904, Baron-Cohen reviews the book. It's also something of an occupational psychology special, including an extended debate from some of the UK's top names. It's our first attempt at this, so do let me know how you think it works, and your views on the issue in general.  
Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor)


The battle of the sex differences
Jon Sutton interviews Cordelia Fine about neurosexism and more

Collective solutions to a global problem   
David Uzzell delivers a lecture on psychology and climate change

Being proactive at work - blessing or bane?   
Frank Belschak and Deanne Den Hartog unravel the positives and negatives

Eye on fiction: 'No self without self-delusion'   
Daniel Wright on how fiction can help us understand delusional misidentifications

Opinions: Occupational psychology in a changing world.
Top occupational psychologists discuss the state of the discipline

'Approved clinicians'; the power of bad; BAME psychologists; and more

News and digest
The Science is Vital campaign; 'over-identification' of special educational needs; the 'halfalogue'; Ig Nobel Awards; the glass cliff for female leaders; and more

The media's particular appetite for psychology, with Kisane Prutton

Book reviews
Neurosexism and politics as Simon Baron-Cohen reviews Cordelia Fine's new book; why aren't we saving the planet; and sensory marketing

Toothless, geriatric lions and the ethics of animal research in the President's column; accreditation through partnership; the language of music; and more

Selling the value of occupational psychology; life as a remote employer

New voices
Remembering the veterans, with Phil Boyes in the second of our series aiming to encourage budding writing talent

Looking back
On psychologist Harry Hollingworth's role in the Coca-Cola trials of the 1910s, with Ludy T. Benjamin Jr

One on one
...with Anne Treismann


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