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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 3 March 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 3 March 2010

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'We are totally devoted to them when they are little and yet the most we can expect in return when they grow up is that they regard us with bemused and tolerant affection.'
So said Alison Gopnik in a Research Digest feature last year, and in this issue she has plenty more to say about the significance of babies and the caregiving relationship. Don't miss her thoughts on childhood as a protected space to learn and imagine, parenting secrets, and taking limited care of her partner!
Alongside this, we feature six articles about pregnancy covering cognitive function, risk, identity, disadvantaged fathers, space and advice, nausea and vomiting, and more. There's the usual mix of news, views and reviews, and also some relatively rare sightings in our pages of the lesser-spotted occupational psychologist - more to come, I promise.  

Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor)


Special issue: The maternal brain   
Christian Jarrett examines the evidence behind the widely held belief that pregnancy affects cognitive function

What is 'psychological' about 'normal' pregnancy   
Paula Nicolson reviews issues of biology, risk, identity... and more

A psychological plan for perinatal care   
Pauline Slade and Michelle Cree 

Disadvantaged young fathers-to-be   
Mike White on his working life

Taking up space - pregnancy in public   
Harriet Gross on embodied experience

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy    
Brian Swallow on impact and treatment

Alison Gopnik talks to Jon Sutton about the exploratory, bright butterflies that are children


Excellence; home education; the internet and thinking; reductionism; and more

News, digest and media   
ommunicating with 'locked in' patients; roots of schizophrenia; report from the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference; nuggets from the Digest; and thorny issues of nature and nurture in the media

Book reviews
Intelligence testing; technology; ageing and cognition; creative writing; low mood; and building motivational interviewing skills

President's column; and two important Society articles, on accreditation through partnership, and delivering standards for tests and testing 

We talk to Sara Savage, about her work with the Psychology and Religion Research Group at the University of Cambridge; and Nick Taylor on the benefits of voluntary experience; alongside the featured job, all the other latest vacancies, and how to advertise

Looking back
Literature, history and biology: Peter Garrard on the uses of retrospective language analysis

One on one
...with George Sik

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