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The Psychologist Vol 23 No 7 July 2010

The Psychologist Vol 23 No 7 July 2010

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Welcome to your July issue. I am delighted to have been asked by the Editor, Dr Jon Sutton, to write this editorial as your new President.
The Psychologist is received by all 48,000 members, plus many outside agencies. It serves a vital function in informing and provoking debate. This month, in addition to the plethora of regular features, announcements and adverts, there are articles on weird beliefs and conspiracy theories. Stuart Wilson asks whether we are hardwired to believe in supernatural agents and to seek meaning in our existence. Scepticism, it seems, is unnatural, 'unsexy' and cognitively demanding. In a similar vein, Swami and Coles ask why some people are prone to conspiracy theories while others are not. The answer may lie in individual differences in intellectual curiosity, an active imagination and a proclivity for new ideas. Enjoy!
Dr Gerry Mulhern (President)


The truth is out there
Viren Swami and Rebecca Coles on belief in conspiracy theories
Stuart Wilson on the naturalness of weird beliefs 

Between a rock and a hard place    
Miranda Horvath and Jennifer Brown look at the vicious cycle for rape victims

Social exclusion - an addictive context    
Matt Baker, joint winner in our student writer competition, shares his views on drug use and rehabilitation

Images of the future, drawn from the past    
Stefania de Vito, joint winner in our student writer competition, on episodic future thinking
On loss and mourning    
Renee Lertzman talks with psychoanalyst and author Darian Leade


Frontal lobe dysfunction; misrepresentation; Richard Gregory; and more

News and digest
Healthy behaviours; assisted suicide; MRC research strategy; Royal Society fellowship; nuggets from the Research Digest; and more
Ethics, children and reality television, with Kairen Cullen
Book reviews
A history lesson with attitude; mindsight; the newborn brain; and rehabilitation psychology

The first column from new Society President Gerry Mulhern; Spearman Medal 2010; promoting global awareness; consultations; and more

An interview with Mark Griffiths on academia and addiction; pathways into occupational psychology; featured job; plus all the latest vacancies, and how
to advertise

Looking back
The odd couple: Arthur I. Miller on a meeting of minds between Carl Jung and the physicist Wolfgang Pauli

One on one
...with David Lane

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