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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 10 October 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 10 October 2011

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'People were burying their relatives. Homes and businesses smouldered. The nation grabbed blindly for explanations for the riots that had ripped through England. Where were the psychologists?
They were there, if you looked, and we did. The Research Digest blog collected links to comment and analysis, and the Society's website encouraged comment. Yet much of
it seemed almost 'meta' or 'anti' science: explanation about explanation, or views on what the riots weren't and what we shouldn't do, rather than what they were and what we should.

The riots cried out for the discipline: for once there genuinely seemed to be multiple, interacting causes. Yet we seemed quiet, perhaps wary that honest uncertainty would appear weak or that the media were in no mood to listen.

This month, an extended 'Letters' section presents comment on the riots. Providing a forum for discussion across the discipline is central to The Psychologist, and we hope to offer new opportunities (in print and online) in future. Your views, as always, are welcome.'
Dr Jon Sutton,  Editor

The riots - a comment special    
What was behind England's riots, and how can psychology contribute going forward?

Mindfulness in schools    
Can habits of mind boost the well-being and resilience of the nation's children? Dan Jones investigates

Workaholism: a 21st-century addiction    
Mark Griffiths with a behavioural addiction perspective

Life's long and winding roads    
Jon Sutton talks to Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin about their longevity project

Why might innocents make false confessions?    
Kim Drake suggests a fruitful avenue of investigation into vulnerability methods

Kate Hefferon and Elena Gil-Rodriguez on interpretative phenomenological analysis

Book reviews 
Jung in the city; Freud on coke; positive psychology at work; and more

Disaster, crisis and trauma in the President's column; honorary awards; test use register; history prize; new subscriber grades; BPS journals

personality disorder; Milgram; NHS reform; benchmarking; and more

News and digest
Brain imaging; the 'difference in differences' error; dance company 'scientist in residence'; 'Any Qualified Provider'; nuggets from the Digests; and more


Disorder, distortion, and the Society response to the riots, with Fiona Jones


Life in the West London Mental Health Gender Identity Clinic; from the blues to CBT; featured jobs; how to advertise

New voices
The power of suggestion: Krissy Wilson with the latest in our series encouraging budding writing talent

Looking back
The strange case of Margery Kempe, by Alison Torn

One on one
...with Gail Coleman

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