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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 5 May 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 5 May 2011

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The menopausal woman may not be 'an unstable oestrogen starved' woman responsible for 'untold misery' as sixties gynaecologist Robert Wilson would have had us believe. But viewed through the lens of Western biomedical science, 'the change' is still a time of poor emotional and physical health. Yet rural Greek women and those in the Mayan culture report few problems during the menopause transition.

As Beverley Ayers, Mark Forshaw and Myra Hunter say on p.348, between biological and cultural understandings of menopause there is a gulf that psychologists are well placed to explore.
Elsewhere, allow me to highlight two relatively new additions to The Psychologist which I feel are going from strength to strength. Our 'Big picture' centrespread is a striking image on some interesting work: I hope it will adorn psychologists' walls across the land. 'Looking back' (p.392) is a fascinating detective story on the hunt for 'Little Albert', one of psychology's most enduring mysteries; and there's plenty of good news for members in 'Society'. Happy reading, and tweet your thoughts on the issue @psychmag.

Dr Jon Sutton


The menopause    
Beverley N. Ayers, Mark J. Forshaw and Myra S. Hunter look at lessons learned from a global outlook

'They flash upon that inward eye'   
Emily A. Holmes, Ella L. James, Simon E. Blackwell and Susie Hales look at mental imagery in the lab and the clinic

Teaching happiness - A brave new world?   
Maggi Evans on well-being initiatives and whose vision is being pushed

The memory man   
Alan Baddeley talks to Lance Workman about Bertrand Russell, Neanderthals and working memory

Creativity in the curriculum
Dominic Upton and Douglas A. Bernstein offer a framework

Diagnostic dangers; census and anti-cuts march; Eysenck; and more

News and digest
Expert witness immunity lost; nappy curriculum; kids behaving badly; regrets; Psychology for All report; nuggets from the Society's Research Digest; and more

Jamie Durrance talks about her work at Rowan House; Kirsty Golden gives a view of the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner role

Book reviews
A Rough Guide to Psychology from The Psychologist journalist and Research Digest editor; media and youth; psychometric theory; and more

A day in the life of the Society President; more online journals for members; Society Twitter feeds; public engagement grants; research interests database; new Society website; well-being consultation; and more

New voices
Marc Smith asks whether A-level psychology fails both boys and the discipline in the latest of our articles by first-time Psychologist authors

Looking back
A seven-year search for psychology's lost boy, Little Albert, by Hall P. Beck, with Gary Irons

One on one
...with Sam Cartwright-Hatton

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