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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 7 July 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 7 July 2011

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This was to be the 'Noel Sheehy issue', welcoming him as incoming President in a variety of ways. Following his tragic and unexpected death in May we are still celebrating his life and work, just not in the circumstances any of us would have wished.

Turn to p.504 for the article Noel wrote with his wife, Alex Forsythe, who requested that we continue with publication. And on p.520, you can read a tribute to Noel. Sadly, we will never have the pleasure of Noel's President's columns, which I am sure would have been packed with the kind of candid humour he displayed when I and others met him. He told me that the first one was to be on the topic of Kafka and the Board of Trustees; second, 'Psychology, will it never end?', with reference to Freud's idea that the shelf-life of psychology would be determined by advances in bio-chemistry; third, Albert Camus: 'Ne marche pas devant moi, je peux ne pas suivre. Ne marche pas derrière moi, je peux ne pas mener. La promenade près de moi et sois mon ami.' I think Noel wanted members to 'walk by the Society and be its friend', and I hope that spirit lives on.
Dr Jon Sutton

Reports from the Annual Conference   
Phil Banyard, Uta Frith, Sarah Haywood, Fiona Jones, Christian Jarrett, Annette Karmiloff-Smith, David Lavallee, Elizabeth Loftus, Catherine Loveday, Neil Macrae and Jon Sutton give their memories of this year's event in Glasgow

How rudeness takes its toll   
Christine L. Porath and Amir Erez ask if incivility leads to a spiral of aggression

The school of hard knocks   
Catherine Campbell talks with Janice Haaken about the challenges facing the domestic violence movement

Is it not beautiful?    
Alex Forsythe and Noel Sheehy look to aesthetics, fractals and more in order to understand art

Speaking out on Coalition cuts; new phrenology; and Kanazawa strikes again

News and digest
The future of undergraduate psychology; Royal Society fellows; gossip and vision; echolocation; and more, including nuggets from the Research Digest

Sinéad Rhodes on the risks of the media's generic view of psychologists

Hilary Clarke, a health psychologist with the Queen Elizabeth's Foundation, issues a rallying call for more health psychologists

New voices
Christopher Watkins investigates the relationship between physical characteristics and dominance in our series on first-time Psychologist authors

Looking back
Tamsin Williams looks at Benoît Mandelbrot and the creation of fractal geometry

One on one
...with Ben (C) Fletcher

Book reviews
Rationality for mortals; adjusting to life after deployment; stories of recovery and hope; and more

A tribute to Noel Sheehy; performance in psychology; honorary awards; work-life balance; response from Health Secretary; IQ at the Science Museum; and more

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