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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 8 August 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 8 August 2011

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Are holidays worth it? This might seem like a strange question to pose as many of you prepare for those short spells of solace you have toiled, scrimped and saved for over the last year. But are they really fun? Do they do us good? Pack some psychology in your suitcase and you can find some surprising answers. Turn to p.574 to find out more, including the reason why my breaks since first reading Christian Jarrett's article tend to have involved me thrusting ice-creams at my kids, imploring them, 'Eat it! Eat the ice-cream!'.

Elsewhere, don't miss a 'One on one' with Julie Stokes, and Jim Horne in 'Looking back', with probably the goriest article ever to feature in The Psychologist. This section, dealing with the history of psychology and the psychology of history, has been an important part of the publication since 2008, and there are some great articles collected at But as with all corners of The Psychologist, we need your help to ensure it continues. Do get in touch with your ideas.

Enjoy your holidays, and take us with you.

Dr Jon Sutton

The media; counselling psychology; benevolent sexism; Little Albert; and more

News and digest
The Society's response to DSM-5; working memory 'side-effects'; challenging public scepticism of science; nuggets from the Research Digest; and more

Kairen Cullen on a silver lining from the cloud of Boys and Girls Alone

Wish you were here?
Christian Jarrett examines the psychology of holidays

Deception in psychological research - a necessary evil?
Allan Kimmel offers recommendations in a controversial area

Coach your cortex
Dan Hackley on 'brain training' - sales con or evidence-based exercise?

Taking the medicine
James Anderson argues that the profession needs to examine its view of the self

Free from the shackles
Alex Haslam talks to Lance Workman about glass cliffs, higher education and Zimbardo

Book reviews
Questions of religion and spirituality; a case for educational change; strategies for helping the shy child; and more

A guest column from Robert Roe, President of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations; President's Award; special educational needs; bipolar disorder; the connected baby; and more

Careers and psychologist appointments
Victor Thompson talks about working in sports and clinical psychology; two British clinical psychologists exchange views on their moves to the USA

New voices
Claire McAndrew on communication, paradigm shifts, sandpits and more in our series on first-time Psychologist authors

Looking back
Jim Horne with what must surely be the goriest article in the history of The Psychologist

One on one
...with Julie Stokes

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