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The Psychologist Vol 24 No 9 September 2011

The Psychologist Vol 24 No 9 September 2011

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'We will pay you $4.00 for one hour of your time. Persons needed for a study of memory.' So began, fifty years ago, what became arguably the most famous (and, for some, the most infamous) experiments in psychology's history: Milgram's obedience studies. Their shock waves spread through psychology and beyond, and this month Alex Haslam and Steve Reicher lead a special feature reconnecting with Milgram's vision for social psychology and society. We hear from Stanley Milgram's widow, Alexandra Milgram, on the man, his passions and motivations. Jerry Burger updates Milgram's enduring legacy, including some interesting partial replications. Finally, we move beyond psychology to hear from film scholar Kathryn Millard and historian Richard Overy. It is perhaps apt that Milgram, such a staple of student learning in psychology, should feature so heavily in this particular issue, which is also being received in print and electronic form by thousands of new undergraduates. Welcome, and I urge you to find much more support for your studies via, including our own archive at and the Research Digest blog at

Dr Jon Sutton

Accessing Society reports; men in psychology; Dorothy Bishop column; and more

News, digest, media and conference reports
Nudging behaviour change; CFS/ME; inattentional blindness; national well-being; selections from the Research Digest; phone-hacking scandal; European Congress of Psychology; Division of Counselling Psychology conference; and more

The shock of the old
Stephen D. Reicher and S. Alexander Haslam introduce a special feature that reconnects with Milgram's vision

The man, his passions and motivations
Stanley Milgram's widow, Alexandra Milgram, with her personal take

Alive and well after all these years
Jerry Burger updates an enduring legacy

The window in the laboratory
Film scholar Kathryn Millard on Milgram as a filmmaker

Milgram and the historians
Historian Richard Overy talks to Stephen D. Reicher and S. Alexander Haslam

Towards healthier meetings
Sick of meetings? Jon Sutton and Abi Millar look to psychology for a cure

Defending the honour of psychology
A-level Matt Jarvis considers rigour and skills

School students and work
Alex Fradera talks to Jim McKechnie

Book reviews
The new psychology of leadership, human attention in digital environments, and more

Introducing Carole Allan in her first President's column; vote on subscription fees; new radio series; events and more

Careers and psychologist appointments
We seek advice for undergraduates from Dorothy Miell and Darren Van Laar; featured job; how to advertise; and all the latest jobs

New voices
Students give their views on how their expectations of studying psychology matched the realities

One on one
....with Essi Viding


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