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The Psychologist Vol 25 No 11 November 2012

The Psychologist Vol 25 No 11 November 2012

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Twenty years ago, myself and several fellow undergraduates were crammed in my room at Sorby Hall, University of Sheffield, to watch the BBC's Halloween special, Ghostwatch. The set up was fairly ambiguous and many, including a couple of my more gullible friends, believed the supernatural events depicted were unfolding for real. In fact, Ghostwatch earned the dubious honour of being the first television programme to be cited in the British Medical Journal as having caused post-traumatic stress disorder in children. This month (see p.856), Ciarán O'Keeffe looks back at its legacy, talking to Ghostwatch creator Stephen Volk about the changing nature of what scares us, and the 'enabling' nature of trauma.

The 'silver lining' of post-traumatic growth is also the focus for Stephen Joseph's article (p.816), where he concludes that 'survivors have much to teach those of us who haven't experienced such traumas about how to live'.

Also of note this month is the interview with Craig Knight (p.830), accompanied by our first-ever full audio at if you prefer to listen!
Dr Jon Sutton

What doesn't kill us...
Stephen Joseph discusses the psychology of post-traumatic growth

Don't leave me out!
Catherine Sebastian on her Doctoral Award winning research on rejection and the adolescent brain

The origins of human communication
Thomas C. Scott-Phillips on his Doctoral Award winning research on how we signal signalhood

'Running' an introductory module
Orla T. Muldoon and Aisling T. O'Donnell on a novel idea for your classroom

Taking control of your space
Jon Sutton meets Craig Knight to talk about identity and the design of our environments

Engaging the public in psychology; on the road again; a moral abyss; and more

News and digest
In pursuit of awe; abuse definition; liberal bias; Kahneman warning; fanaticism debate; nuggets from the Society's free Research Digest service; and more

Coverage of the Society's Developmental Section conference, with Sinéad Rhodes; and Jon Sutton on the rise of 'neurobollocks'

Book reviews
Failure; Memoirs of an Addicted Brain; Chasing Lost Times; Life After Trauma; and more

President's column; Book Award

Careers and psychologist appointments
Working in residential care, with Cian Aherne and Noelle Fitzgerald; we talk to Jon White about working in public relations; plus the latest vacancies

New voices
Computer-generated exhibits on trial, with Gareth Norris, in the latest of our series for budding writers (see

Looking back
Ciarán O'Keeffe marks the 20th anniversary of a notorious BBC Halloween special with a look at its legacy and links with psychology

One on one
...with Jane Ogden


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