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The Psychologist Vol 26 No 11 November 2013

The Psychologist Vol 26 No 11 November 2013

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'The child is father to the man' wrote William Wordsworth. Of course, he was writing about himself and how his delight in seeing a rainbow as a grown man was the same for him as when a child. The deeper meaning is that our adult personalities are formed in childhood. But there is perhaps a darker meaning too. Maltreatment in childhood has been shown to be one of the risk factors for psychosis in later life. Helen Fisher's article 'Mind the gap' (p.798) examines the various candidate mechanisms that might be involved in this association.

In our September issue we brought together several contributions on how the current austerity climate is affecting how psychologists research, teach and practise. The austerity theme is continued and widened in this issue, not only with letters in response but also with Mark Burton's article (p.802) appealing for a renewal of the ethical basis on which psychology is practised. Austerity will be with us for some time to come, so the politicians warn us; we will accordingly continue to explore the psychological implications.

Peter Dillon-Hooper
Acting Editor

Mind the gap - pathways to psychosis
Helen Fisher explores links between childhood maltreatment and adult psychosis

A renewal of ethics
Mark Burton provides an action framework for responding to contemporary crises

Rethinking siblings and mental illness
Christopher Griffiths and Jacqueline Sin offer support for the brothers and sisters of people affected by mental illness

Interview: Out of Africa
Richard Byrne tells Lance Workman about his work with apes and elephants

Responses to austerity; work capacity assessments; psychology graduate job market; anorexia and autism; and more

News and digest
Best practice research recommendations; dementia screening; BRAIN Initiative; video games and violence; reports from the BPS/British Association Lecture, CogDev 2013, Division of Health Psychology conference; and more

President's column; Book Awards 2013; engaging with politics in Northern Ireland; communicating psychology to the public through dance; Division of Health Psychology awards; and more

Careers and appointments
We talk to Peter Mitchell about teaching psychology in Malaysia; and to Lucy Standing on the working options for occupational psychologists, and on her role as a social entrepreneur

The usual mix of book reviews and other media reviews, including a review of the 'Thinking with the Body' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection

New voices
Imagining our future... and changing it: Scott Cole with the latest in our series for budding authors

Looking back
'An emotional but ill-ruled machine': Sarah Chaney on how late 19th-century psychiatry interpreted and explained self-mutilation

One on one
...with Maryon Tysoe


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