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The Psychologist Vol 26 No 2 February 2013

The Psychologist Vol 26 No 2 February 2013

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'My whole life I have been searching for love,' says Robert Sternberg (p.98). 'At a personal level, after a number of false starts, I have found it. In my research - initiated when a love relationship in my personal life was failing - I have tried to come closer to understanding what love is, how it develops, and why it succeeds or fails.'

How much would you pay for an hour of love? More than you would pay to avoid an hour of disgust? Find out what researchers found on p.94 and at - just one of hundreds of studies covered by the Society's Research Digest, which is nearing its 10th birthday.

Also in this issue, I'd like to direct you to our regulars of 'Big picture', 'New voices', 'Looking back' and 'One on one'. We're always looking for suggestions and contributions for these sections: get in touch on [email protected]

Finally, make sure you don't miss our 'Reviews' section on p.148, now expanded to cover psychology in any form of media: TV, newspaper, web, music, exhibition, film, app, etc. Again we rely on your contributions: we would dearly love for you to get in touch.

Dr Jon Sutton

Searching for love    
Robert Sternberg on the stages of his quest to understand what bonds us together

The paradoxical brain   
Narinder Kapur, Jonathan Cole and Tom Manly outline some surprising enhancements of function following brain disorder

Dyslexia - in tune but out of time   
Usha Goswami, winner of the Society's Presidents' Award, examines difficulties in 'temporal sampling'

Happy birthday?   
Nick Wattie and Joseph Baker on relative age and its influence

Interview: In the heat of the moment   
Jon Sutton interviews psychologist and genetic epidemiologist Andrea Burri

The Levelt, Noort and Drenth Committees make their sole and final rejoinder to criticisms of their report on the Stapel fraud; male:female imbalance; and more

News and digest
The final report on Stapel; DSM-5; national honours; the public perception of psychology; London Lectures; dementia; nuggets from the Digest; and more

Teaching thematic analysis, with Victoria Clarke and Virginia Braun

President's column; Excellence in Psychology Education; Lifetime Achievement Award; and more

Careers and appointments
We hear from Bryan McCrae about the psychology of sales; Aon Dillon on the concept of autonomy; and Kay Buckby on her work in management training

A philosophical review of The Hobbit; Science Club; apps, books, and more in our section covering psychology in any form of media

New voices
Learning from learners: Rachel Wu with the latest of our series for new writers

Looking back
In defence of inclusive realism in psychology: David Pilgrim offers an alternative to radical constructionism and naive realism

One on one
...with Anita Rose


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