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The Psychologist Vol 26 No 7 July 2013

The Psychologist Vol 26 No 7 July 2013

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This is my first contribution to The Psychologist, but as incoming Society President I will have the opportunity through the President's columns for a few more. My personal vision for the British Psychological Society is to securely position the Society as the learned Society for psychology and to be more outward looking in the world. The Society is busy working on its next strategic plan and this is the chance for all members to contribute.

I have long been a fan of The Psychologist because you never know when an item will catch your imagination, be professionally supportive or inspirational for teaching. I have often followed up items in The Psychologist directly with the authors, most recently over the 'Scottish Referendum Question'. A few years ago I responded to an article about 'altruism' as I contemplated retirement and involvement with the BPS.

This issue of The Psychologist contains a special feature on expert witness work following in the tradition of The Psychologist being unafraid of challenging issues.
Dr Richard Mallows
Society President 2013/14

Expert witness work - time to step up to the plate
David Crighton introduces a special feature

Interview: A thirst to learn the truth    
Jon Sutton talks to Gisli Gudjonsson CBE 

Day in the life: Working as an expert witness. We hear from four psychologists about their interactions with the legal system

Looking back: Psychologists in the witness box
Graham Davies and Gisli Gudjonsson

Psychology in the operating theatre
Michael Wang, Catherine Deeprose, Jackie Andrade and Ian F. Russell ask what anaesthesia can tell us about consciousness, learning and memory

HIV in the UK
Poul Rohleder, Tomás Campbell, Audrey Matthews and Jenny Petrak consider the ongoing challenges

Diagnosis debate - attack or thoughtful critique?; from silence to a public voice; retired psychologists; self-dosing and the e-cigarette; NLP; and more

News and digest
Avatar therapy; MyConnectome; charitable giving; new Little Albert theory; registered reports; a review of a one-day conference on scientific research with psychedelic drugs; and the latest nuggets from the Society's free Research Digest service

Ten things you didn't know about new Society President Richard Mallows; welfare fund; Psychologist bath; Psychology4Graduates; and more

Careers and appointments
We meet Ciarán O'Keeffe, 'the parapsychologist', and two counselling psychologists working with children, young people and families

Chelsea Flower Show; Man of Steel; TED talks; The Human Swarm; secular Sunday service; reader recommends; and more in our broader 'Reviews' section

New voices
Digital piracy and the moral compass: Steven Brown with the latest in our series for budding writers (see

One on one
...with Jacqueline Akhurst


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