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The Psychologist Vol 27 No 7 July 2014

The Psychologist Vol 27 No 7 July 2014

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In my comfortable 21st-century existence, I can have no concept of what life was like for soldiers in the First World War. I have read of 'These boys with old, scared faces,' as Siegfried Sassoon wrote in Craiglockhart, where he was being treated for shell-shock. 'Their cowed subjection to the ghosts of friends who died, their dreams that drip with murder.' But my view of the conflict is probably shaped more by Blackadder than anything else.
In an impressive opening session at the Society's Annual Conference in Birmingham in May, Professor Sir Simon Wessely took aim at the 'mythologising' of war. Our 'veterans' need feelings of understanding, not pity, he concluded. 'We should see them for what they are, not what we think they should be.' Discussant and former war correspondent Kate Adie questioned a focus on the personal emotional. 'You don't walk around the place in conflict musing on how your inner person is faring.'

It was a thought-provoking start to another excellent event. I hope you enjoy our extensive coverage.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor



Beyond the mythology of war   
Our coverage from the Society's Annual Conference, which took place in Birmingham in May. Topics include parental alienation, psychologists as expert witnesses, special educational needs, intimate partner violence, students and alcohol, memory, behaviour change, and more.

The BRAIN initiative; Pint of Science; and the cycle-ology of the Tour de France

President's column; Francis Report; and more

Beliefs about autobiographical memory... and why they matter
Martin Conway, Lucy Justice and Catriona Morrison

On the trail of the successful psychopath
Sarah Francis Smith, Ashley Watts and Scott Lilienfeld

EMDR - More than just a therapy for PTSD?
Robin Logie considers a therapy whose mechanism remains unexplained

New voices: To the left - pseudoneglect
Joanna Brooks with the latest in our series

Austerity; being a man; the NHS; the World Cup; dyslexia; a pure psychology challenge; and more

Tiredness and attention, responses to workplace crisis, and speech fillers, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see

Gail Kinman and Almuth McDowall meet Ellen Ernst Kossek, President of the Work Family Researchers Network

The importance of positive risk taking and dignity of failure, with Steven Sharman; and we talk to Andy Evans about his work with performers

One on one
with Ian Parker, Fellow of the Society, practising psychoanalyst in Manchester and Professor of Management, University of Leicester

The Life Scientific with Professor Sir Michael Rutter; Incognito; 1984; Blurred Lines; and book reviews

...looks back   
Psychology to win the war and make a better peace: Ben Harris on a 1943 book that sold 400,000 copies

Seven years ago   
For our archive, including 'Questioning the science and politics of happiness', visit The Psychologist website at

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