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The Psychologist Vol 28 No 8 August 2015

The Psychologist Vol 28 No 8 August 2015

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Making holidays work
Work and organisational psychologist Jessica de Bloom takes a tour of the world of vacation research

Breaking out of the silo mentality
Rachel Shaw and Nollaig Frost argue for pluralism and mixed methods, to open a special feature on qualitative psychology

Learning from the 'lifeworld'
Joanna Brooks introduces a range of approaches to phenomenology in qualitative psychology

Rhetoric and resistance
Stephen Gibson uses qualitative analysis to understand Milgram's studies - are they really 'obedience' experiments?

Crossing into the digital realm
Sarah Riley, Adrienne Evans, Christine Griffin, Yvette Morey and Helen Murphy look at the issues for researchers in online and digital research

Looks back

Let a thousand flowers bloom
Anna Madill rounds off the special feature with a look at how such methods, and the Society's Section, have blossomed over the years


Is unemployment being rebranded a psychological disorder?; APA torture investigation; harrowing stories in the Harris Review on self-inflicted deaths in custody; perspectives on psychosis and schizophrenia; and more

President's column; a psychological perspective on hoarding; the Society's Research Assistantship scheme; and more


Learning to teach more reflectively; psychology and religion; Society investments and the presidential term; the not-so-new statistics; Professor Edgar Miller; and more

Phineas Gage, giggling toddlers, the monster in the mirror, and much more - including news of a live event


Five minutes with Helen Cassaday on the use of non-human primates in research

Interview: 'we're all either Jedi or Sith'
Miles Thomas meets John Amaechi OBE - psychologist, organisational consultant, high-performance executive coach and former NBA basketball player

We hear about partnership working from Jackie Sykes and Chris Welford, and Fiona Sweeney describes her work in mental health street triage

One on one
With Victoria Clarke, Associate Professor in Sexuality Studies at the University of the West of England


The emotion of Inside Out; The Elephant Man; Dementiaville; Scientology and the Prison of Belief; 'Decision' exhibition; and more

3 years ago
Go to for our archive, including a special issue on time

Big picture
Centre-page pull-out left-handedness: mysteries and myths, with Carolyn J. Choudhary


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