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The Psychologist Vol 28 No 9 September 2015

The Psychologist Vol 28 No 9 September 2015

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Nothing brings a lump to your throat quite like your offspring donning their uniform and heading off to primary school for the first time (or, as with my own son recently, the last time). They seem so small, and we feel apprehensive on their behalf. So what can parents and teachers do to ease that transition? Claire Hughes looks at the evidence on p.714.

Elsewhere, there's more for teachers as we embark on a new school year -Marc Smith on resilience, a 'Big Picture' on playgrounds, and our 'New voices' article tackles reward and punishment in the classroom.

A different journey begins for the thousands of new psychology undergraduates who will be receiving this issue free. We hope the resources at and will guide you through your studies, and that you will consider joining the British Psychological Society ( Follow us on Twitter @psychmag for all the latest, and find us on Facebook (speaking of which, hope you 'Like' p.724).

Dr Jon Sutton Managing Editor @psychmag



The transition to school
Claire Hughes asks what matters and why

From adversity to buoyancy
Marc Smith reconceptualises academic resilience in schools

New voices: Do schools need lessons on motivation?
Laura Oxley on reward and punishment in the classroom

Why do we 'like' social media?
Ciarán McMahon considers the psychology behind Facebook and more

The best choice?
Katherine Woolf, Henry Potts, Josh Stott, Chris McManus, Amanda Williams and Katrina Scior on selection into the healthcare professions


Mindfulness trial; British Academy Fellows; reports from the 30th annual conference of the Psychology Postgraduate Affairs Group; and the European Congress of Psychology

President's column; Presidents' Award; and more


Where is psychology's non-stick frying pan?; clinical supply and demand; people who are 'not in education, employment or training'; transpersonal psychology; and more


The 'tip-of-the-tongue' state; drawing cancer; dehumanisation; selective mutism; and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (


Lance Workman talks to Richard Stephens about the Open University, consciousness, happiness, and more

We meet Camilla Sanger, and Tina Rae talks about her work as an educational and child psychologist; and Mike Aitken Deakin welcomes new undergraduates to their psychology degree

One on one
With Peter Olusoga (Senior Lecturer in Sports Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University)


Memory and music at the proms - Daniel Levitin's lecture reviewed by Susan Hallam; Girls with Autism; Fake It Til You Make It; Amy; plus book reviews

Looks back

The Geel question
For centuries, a little Belgian town has treated the mentally ill. Why are its medieval methods so successful? Mike Jay investigates.

Seven years ago
Go to for our archive, including Phineas Gage - unravelling the myth

Big picture

Centre-page pull-out: Gaining insights into the world of playgrounds, with Jenny Gibson


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