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The Psychologist Vol 29 No 7 July 2016

The Psychologist Vol 29 No 7 July 2016

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It's a bit of a running joke in our office that my staff don't listen to a word I say, and when I was a lecturer one student feedback form declared 'Dr Sutton is afflicted with an unfortunately monotone voice'. So I will be particularly attentive this July as I host 'The Psychologist presents at Latitude Festival', which is due to feature Professor Elizabeth Stokoe on 'How to talk so people listen'

Professor Stokoe certainly gripped the audience at the Society's Annual Conference, and our coverage on p.520 begins with a report and more from her. It was also great to hear her say that featuring in our pages in 2013 led to many rewarding and far-flung opportunities for public engagement and research. We are always on the look out for contributions, so do get in touch.

You will find lots more conference reports on our website, alongside other exclusive material. And there's even more in our iOS/Android apps for The Psychologist and the Research Digest. We are 'talking' on numerous channels: I hope you are tuning in and like what you hear.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


How to talk so people listen
Elizabeth Stokoe heads up our coverage from the Society's Annual Conference, and previews her appearance in 'The Psychologist presents at Latitude Festival' in July

The EU referendum; extreme pornography guidelines; news from the Centre for Appearance Research; dementia gaming app; first wave of new projects for CREST; and more


Positive psychology - The second wave
Tim Lomas delves into the dialectical nuances of flourishing

The knowing nose
Laura J. Speed on how olfactory studies can inform theories of language and perception

Teenagers in love
Susan Moore considers the research and what it means for effective parenting


Taking a stand on social issues; faith and therapy; perceptions of pay fairness; individual differences and replication; President's Letter; and more


Babies' imitation skills; pilot decisions; binge TV watching; and more, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see


Asifa Majid talks to Jon Sutton about language and thought

we talk to educational psychologist Irvine Gersch, and Tracey Herlihey discusses the importance of persistence in finding that 'dream job'

One on one
with Professor Dame Til Wykes, King's College London


The Bethlem Museum of the Mind; Louis Theroux - A Different Brain; books; and Joe Penhall's Blue/Orange at the Young Vic in London

Looks back

Quality and longevity
As Reuben Conrad reaches the grand old age of 100, Dorothy Bishop celebrates his long and distinguished career

Go to for a full archive and exclusive content (including Claudia Hammond on despising the poor). Also, download our free iOS/Android apps for The Psychologist and the Research Digest

Big picture

Centre-page pull-out an adventure in statistics, with Andy Field


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