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The Psychologist Vol 30 No 11 November 2017

The Psychologist Vol 30 No 11 November 2017

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I'm pretty interested in the changing workplace (see p.20), perhaps because I've been sitting in this chair for nearly 18 years. Three lessons from that time: the electric interweb, or more specifically finally launching a half decent website, changed the nature of The Psychologist overnight; change always takes far longer than you thought it would, and then happens all of a sudden; and the time to push for that change - bringing on board as many people as possible - is when you, personally, think everything is going really rather well.

That last point puts me in mind of Stephen Reicher's piece 'The rules of unruliness', a transcript from his session for us in the Wellcome Trust Arena at Latitude Festival (p.38). Change, revolution, in any area, is enhanced when we embrace the power and passion of the group and when we give careful thought to who is 'we' and who is 'they'. Psychology has too often been the core of an industry telling us 'No you can't'. Now's the time to respond 'Yes we can'.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

News Sexual abuse; Ig Nobels; awards; research; and more

The changing workplace
Six contributions consider the psychological intersect with economic, technological, social and environmental change

Hand in hand
Sue Fletcher-Watson considers knowledge exchange in psychology

The rules of unruliness
Stephen D. Reicher's session for us from Latitude Festival

Eye on fiction: Making room for values and emotions
Vivienne Laidler with an alternative perspective on Room on the Broom

From mythical idealisation to political and personal reality
Joanna North on running an adoption support agency

'Imagine the brave new world'
Kavita Vedhara on her work with vaccine adjuvants

'I feel I'm contributing to science getting the impact it deserves'
Stavroula Kousta, Chief Editor of Nature Human Behaviour

Jobs in psychology

Developing Hellblade

Including author Q+As

A to Z


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