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The Psychologist Vol 30 No 2 February 2017

The Psychologist Vol 30 No 2 February 2017

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Our relaunch issue made the case for magazines, and the potential impact of the printed word. This month we partly continue that theme, but switch the focus to books.

One comment on our new direction (see p.7) was 'Please just go back to what was working'. But through reader research and considerable discussion we know many ways in which what we were doing wasn't working - for you or for us. Our coverage of books was a good example of that.

I hope you like our new approach to books (p.66), but if not I will find solace both in the courage of our convictions and in Kate Sweeny's suggestion (p.30) that positivity isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Elsewhere we have the usual diversity of content and authors, from undergraduates to the most eminent. To keep this going, along with exclusive online material, we need you more than ever - see the inside front cover. And do keep getting in touch with your feedback. Love it or hate it, I hope you are finding The Psychologist harder to ignore.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor



The pain of youth
Line Caes and Abbie Jordan

The downsides of positivity
Kate Sweeny provides a nuanced picture of the research

Disengaging morality from robotic war
Albert Bandura

Slam science
Undergraduate Madeleine Pownall on performance poetry

Joyce Hargrave-Wright reminisces

'I didn't leave it at that... I talked to them about their reading'
Jane Oakhill on her research journey and its impact

Literature in performance, psychology in action
Philip Davis with a case history

Including 'my shelfie', 'what to read...' , reviews, and Q+A

Michelle Rydon Grange, plus the latest vacancies


Looking back
Elena Carrera on 16th-century mystic Teresa of Avila

A to Z


Additional Information