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The Psychologist Vol 30 No 4 April 2017

The Psychologist Vol 30 No 4 April 2017

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I've just made a small change to The Psychologist website which I think has a big impact. Obituaries, formerly collected under 'Looks back', are now at /obituaries. It was a shock to see how many incredible psychologists we have lost in recent years. But it also means that our 'Looking back' articles, more than 100 of them (now open access), stand alone at /lookback.

I'm very proud of this resource - many fascinating pieces dealing with the history of psychology or the psychology of history. It's important to look back in order to look forward, and there are colourful tales still to be told. If you're interested in contributing, get in touch.

This month's historical piece is from Andrew Wickens, with five depictions of the brain. Elsewhere, there's our usual mix of the professional and personal. We're still finding our feet after being 'reborn' in January, and I thank you again for your support along the way.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor


Awards; research; and more

The creative navigator's compass
Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins on memory and perception - and how we know which way we are facing

Five depictions of the brain
Andrew Wickens, a Society Book Award winner, considers their historical significance

Chocolate cake, sex, and valuing behaviour
Jonathan Myers on choices

Building spatial skills in preschool
Nora S. Newcombe looks beyond numeracy and literacy

Lisa Feldman Barrett talks to our editor Jon Sutton about emotions, and fairy tales of the brain

Samuel Landau, trainee psychologist and rabbi; plus featured job/latest vacancies

One on one...
...with Martin Seager

We talk to Sarita Robinson about Doctor Who; Brian Hughes rethinks psychology; plus reviews

Revolution in Russian art; robots; Moonlight; and more

A to Z


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