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The Psychologist Vol 30 No 5 May 2017

The Psychologist Vol 30 No 5 May 2017

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I've been a fairly keen runner all my life, although never again scaling the dizzy heights of 'First U13' in the 1986 Wokingham 10K. But I've never put much thought into the psychological side of it: as the writer Haruki Murakami has said, 'I just run. I run in a void. Or maybe I should put it the other way: I run in order to acquire a void.'

Thankfully, many psychologists have more interesting things to say: from a research perspective, and also speaking as runners themselves. You'll find our cover feature on p.50, and if you are attending the Society's Annual Conference in Brighton in May, do join us for a gentle jog along the seafront on the Thursday morning. You'll also find our 'Guide to Healthy Living' with this issue: please help us get it to those who might appreciate it.

If you go the distance this month, you'll hopefully find much of interest along the way, including the new Society President Nicola Gale (p.56), Narinder Kapur on Gandhi, and our latest 'Books' section.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor



A scientific strategy for life chances
Michael S.C. Thomas on the cognitive neuroscience of socio-economic status

Gandhi addresses the British Psychological Society
Narinder Kapur imagines a talk

Caution: Identity under construction
Pam Jarvis on adolescents and social networks

'Why can't we speak to the deepest issues of meaning, love and loss?'
Kal Kseib meets Steven Hayes

Minds run free
Christian Jarrett and Ella Rhodes with scientific and personal perspectives on running

One on one...
...with new Society President Nicola Gale

Fiona McClean, plus featured job and the latest vacancies

Reviews, Q+As, 'what to read...'


Looking back
Natalie Bigbie and Nils Muhlert on Britain's first full-time Professor of Psychology

A to Z


Additional Information