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The Psychologist Vol 30 No 8 August 2017

The Psychologist Vol 30 No 8 August 2017

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In 2012 the Institute of Civil Engineers were after a catchy hashtag to promote their work and the societal impact of their discipline. Eschewing the more obvious #CoolasICE/#ICEICEBaby options, they settled on #ThisIsCivilEngineering, and hundreds of projects and partner organisations have now joined in by raising their 'This is Civil Engineering' banners.

What might #ThisIsPsychology look like? Where would we hang our banners? It's almost easier to think where we wouldn't hang them. If just this one issue is anything to go by, they would festoon driverless cars, the beds of patients in 'the grey zone', sporting stars, sniffling workers and safety manuals, anyone looking to forgive, and so much more.

As for the more ineffable side of things, we continue to probe at the boundaries of science and art with the winner of our annual poetry competition: Ilyana Kuhling with 'Multitudes'. We contain multitudes; so does psychology.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor @psychmag

Grenfell Tower

Awards, research, and much more

The future of transport?
Driverless cars, with Stephen Skippon and Nick Reed

Loren Toussaint and Everett Worthington Jr

The hidden costs of working when sick
Mariella Miraglia and Gail Kinman

When winners need help
Derek Larkin and colleagues on mental health in elite sport

Seeing red
G. Neil Martin on the evidence

At the flimsy border between life and death
We hear about Adrian Owen's journeys Into the Grey Zone

Reviews, and 'A book that shaped me'

'I came into safety by accident'
An interview with Professor Andrew Hale

We meet Barry and Ann Cripps; and Hamira Riaz; plus featured job and latest vacancies

Including the winner of our annual poetry competition

A to Z
H is for...


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