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The Psychologist Vol 31 No 10 October 2018

The Psychologist Vol 31 No 10 October 2018

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Koko the gorilla passed away earlier this year, at the age of 46. She gained notoriety for adopting a kitten and creating a name for it, 'All Ball', in what her instructor and caregiver calls Gorilla Sign Language. Adam Batchelor's portrait, 'Obnoxious cat', references times when Koko would play with All Ball, and if it bit her or wriggled free she would sign 'obnoxious cat'. Another time, Koko blamed the cat for ripping a sink off the wall...

This month, we meet gorillas, bees, lions, dogs, parasites, herbs, birds and more as we explore the psychologists' tree of life. I'm sure there are many psychologists who research and practise with all sorts of unusual species, and we still want to hear from them.

As it is, our feature extends to 25 pages, and we've experimented with this expansive and personal approach a few times this year now. As ever, we need your feedback on this, future topics and authors, etc... Love us or hate us, please take our survey by the end of the month (see p.83).

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor




Dear undergrad self...
From BPS careers speakers


The psychologists' tree of life
We hear from psychologists around the world about their work with numerous living species, including the octopus, lion, virus, bee, parasite, dog, gorilla, lemon balm, and more

'Perhaps the difference between us and other species is that we have taken it to the extremes'
We meet Josep Call

The Psychologist Guide to Pets
With your issue... please pass on to anyone you think might be interested!

'Be the best version of yourself... that's what African psychology does for me'
We meet Erica McInnis

Jobs in psychology



Looking back
The world of Wilhelm Reich


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