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The Psychologist Vol 31 No 11 November 2018

The Psychologist Vol 31 No 11 November 2018

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Our journalist Ella Rhodes's article on making a difference in the zombie apocalypse (p.20) is a novel route in to the questions psychologists ask and how they ask them... and also simply a bit of Halloween fun. But fortuitously it has also ended up prefacing a collection on identity. In Wade Davis's 1988 book Passage of Darkness, he writes that the 'victim of zombification suffers a fate worse than death- the loss of individual freedom implied by enslavement, and the sacrifice of individual identity and autonomy implied by the loss of the ti bon ange' (considered to be 'one's aura, and the source of all personality, character and willpower').

What is our identity, as a magazine? Unrelenting, with an insatiable appetite, progressing with most devastating impact as part of a horde. We are stuffing these print editions with braaaains, but on our website you'll find many more (with exclusives, extras and extracts) who have joined our steady, stumbling, onward march.

Like a zombie then, but in a good way.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing [email protected]

Climate change; male psychology; and more

Public health; book awards; loneliness; and more

Psychology's last stand - making a difference in the zombie apocalypse
Ella Rhodes seeks out psychologists in our (Halloween) 'end of days'

Family trees, selfies and our search for identity
Paula Nicolson with the first in a collection of articles on finding who we are in the modern world

'Half the world away' - family identity and emotional geography
Antonia Bifulco

Reporting your 'dream self'
Christine Parsons and Melanie Rosen

Lost and found... in translation
Rebecca Poinot

We meet Alistair Teager from Salford Royal Hospital; and Sangeetha Rajan on her work with the Arts Quotient

Jobs in psychology

We meet Lily Bernheimer

Monty Wates on Magic Medicine

Looking back
Cade Anderson-Smith on the lasting legacy of Dr Anonymous

A to Z


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