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The Psychologist Vol 31 No 4 April 2018

The Psychologist Vol 31 No 4 April 2018

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Engaging with the media, whatever your walk of life, comes with challenges andopportunities. For us as scientists, both are perhaps thrown into sharp relief: can a need for caveat and caution ever truly coexist with a constant drive for readers, viewers, listeners?

In this month's special feature (p.36), our stellar and varied line-up consider the issues and try to offer some practical tips.Fundamental differences emerge, such as timescale. Journalist Tom Chivers admits to being 'like a mayfly trying to understand continental drift'. But there's common ground too, and an increasing number of people doing a great job of straddling any divide. One theme that emerges strongly is that 'there are many good, kind and ethical people working in the media', and thatwe owe it to our profession and to the public to have a voice across the various channels that now exist.

There are online extras around the piece, and we hope that it continues to grow into a positive and practical resource.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Pensions; leaders; obituaries; and more

Mohamed al-Khougali writes

Aesthetic surgery; virtual reality; refugees; research; and more

'She's afflicted by these memories... they flood her'
Jack Dutton investigates

Psychologists and the media: Opportunities and challenges
Contributions from Uta Frith, Claudia Hammond, Sophie Scott, Dean Burnett, Hamira Riaz, Essi Viding, Tanya Byron, Funke Baffour, Aleks Krotoski, and many more, with practical tips based on their experiences

'They're grasping at life... the young person doesn't want to die'
Alexandra Tyler meets Beverley Barclay MBE

Anne Collard-Scruby on her work in air traffic control; and we hear from Bianca Neumann-May

Jobs in psychology
Books Q+As; 'My shelfie'; and more

With Adam Buxton

Looking back
World War Two's 'awkward lot'

A to Z
P is for...


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