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The Psychologist Vol 31 No 6 June 2018

The Psychologist Vol 31 No 6 June 2018

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In my current extra role as the British Psychological Society's Acting Director of Communications, I've repeatedly heard the refrain 'Won't the BPS say something?' There are (at least) three points to make.

First, in working more closely with Lisa Morrison-Coulthard and her Policy Team, I've seen that often, and increasingly, the Society is saying something (at least as much as it can, not being a trade union). Second, the Society is its membership: if psychologists are saying something, and getting in touch, more often than not we can channel and amplify those voices.

But shifting policy is hard. On p.40, Carl Walker and colleagues give some reasons why. The process is 'a dauntingly complex and ideologically riven mess of relations'; within this, psychologists often fundamentally disagree about whether and how we should strive for impact.

Of course, as the authors conclude, this doesn't mean we should give up. But we need many psychologists working together to shift the elephant of policy.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Worboys case; and more

We hear from those seeking support for four new Society Sections

Eating disorders; awards; conference; and more

Synchrony and the art of signalling
Jorina von Zimmermann and Daniel Richardson take us from fireflies to military parades

Carl Walker, Ewen Speed and Danny Taggart on our capacity to impact policy, and the psychological expertise in informal settings

Public involvement in research - just good science
Emma Palmer-Cooper

What should we do about trauma?
Dan Johnson explores adversity in childhood

'I've built a good mousetrap and people come to use it'
Bec Sanderson meets Shalom Schwartz

Joanna Wilde presents her 'other CV'; and we meet Alan MacPherson

Jobs in psychology
Prison and Probation Service

Including Q+As with Vicki Culpin and Ross White


Looking back
Riya Yadav on Freud and penis envy

A to Z
R is for...


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