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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 4 April 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 4 April 2019

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Putting together this issue, the 'seemingly impossible' felt like a running theme. Getting children to eat their greens, with Claire Farrow and Emma Haycraft; the science of magic, from Gustav Kuhn; convincing patients to see the bigger picture when it comes to antibiotic use (p.40) or hand washing (p.56); helping people to recover from serious brain injury; and taking a psychological perspective on the heroes of 'the moon shot' 50 years on with Richard Wiseman (p.74).

Now, I'm not saying that introducing the magazine and online presence we're a small band of heroes performing the seemingly impossible... that's for others to say... Thankfully, our small steps and giant leaps are ably assisted by so many of you as ground support, whether as readers or contributors. Do keep it up: engage with us on Twitter or by email, and consider whether your work could engage and inform our readers. We'll also be boosted by a new crew member coming aboard in April: Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne joins as Deputy Editor!

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Murder-suicide, 'future shock' and more

Screen use, Reading Well and more

A selection of the latest from our research blog

One on one

'...use the evolutionary knife to cut behaviour into slices'
We meet Val Curtis

'...enabling my pupils to access their inner worlds'
Liz Bates on the role of psychology in teaching

Jobs in psychology

Kitrina Douglas and Richard Wiseman on the moon shot


Looking back...
...on the infamous neurologist Walter Freeman


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