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The Psychologist Vol 32 No 9 September 2019

The Psychologist Vol 32 No 9 September 2019

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How does it feel to be a psychologist in these ‘interesting times’? Can it seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders: so many societal issues, so little time?

I can feel overwhelmed on your behalf with the idea that psychologists can work across health and social systems, with shrinking budgets, in order tonip problems in the bud or tackle them if they do arise. But then, in British Psychological Society. organised sessions at the European Congress of Psychology in Moscow (see p.10), I hear examples of this already happening

In many of these areas – mental and physical health, prejudice, political engagement – there’s also a sense that the next generation are far more ‘woke’ than we might be. Psychologists are often playing a key role in seeking to ensure this is the case. In this issue, we bring together some of those ‘schooling the good citizen’ (starting on p.34).

Also bringing a strong focus on underlying values is incoming Society President David Murphy: meet him on p.30.

Dr Jon Sutton
Managing Editor

Breaking down barriers
Pooky Knightsmith on school-based approaches to mental health

Imagine all the people
Siân Jones on prejudice towards immigrants

Building resilience to radicalisation
Lynn Davies

‘It’s a real critical period around gender’
We hear from Sarah Davidson from the Gender Identity Development Service

Teaching individuals gender equality and respect
Dan O’Hare

Civic and political engagement in young people
Martyn Barrett and Dimitra Pachi

A recipe for taste connoisseurs
Helen Coulthard on teaching healthy eating

Eysenck, climate and more


European Congress and more

Language learning and more

We meet David Murphy

Latest vacancies

Birth trauma, book award and more

Far-right, 55 Steps…

Look back
Kellye McBride’s history of stigma

One on One


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