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Transpersonal Psychology Review Vol 12 No 2 2008

Transpersonal Psychology Review  Vol 12 No 2 2008

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Quick Overview

The Review aims to disseminate material relevant to transpersonal and humanistic psychology (including the relationship between these and other branches of psychology). All the articles in this issue are of a historical, theoretical or conceptual nature.




Michael Daniels

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) - a centenary tribute
Anthony Edwards

The birth of religions: Wicca
Stuart Whomsley & Melissa Seims

Is a realist interpretation of Shamanic 'non-physical' worlds logically incoherent?
Adam J. Rock & Stanley Krippner

The Tao of Environmental Psychology: Breathing Heaven and Earth
Elliot Cohen

Non-dual wisdom and psychotherapy: Self-deception in California?
John Rowan

Narcissism - The shadow of transpersonal psychology
Harald Walach

Informal contributions

The Holy Sacrament of Divorce - first steps to a possible ceremony
Martin Treacy

Conference Report

Book Review



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