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Transpersonal Psychology Review Vol 18 No 2 Autumn 2016

Transpersonal Psychology Review Vol 18 No 2 Autumn 2016

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of transpersonal psychology.




Editorial: Special Issue - Post-traumatic growth and spirituality
Ho Law

Spirituality and post-traumatic growth: The missing dimensions
Waseem Alladin

'Discovering' autoethnography as a research genre, methodology and method 'The Yin and Yang of Life'
Margaret Chapman-Clarke

Post-traumatic growth and spirituality: Insights and experiences in and after high dependency intensive care stay and the role of mindfulness in recovery
Maya Campbell in conversation with Anna Bendijk

Personal notions of time travel: Reflections on love, loss, and growth through autoethnography
Fiona J. Stirling

Reflections on Vera and Tree of Life: Multi-reflexivity, meta-narrative dialogue for Transpersonal Research
Ho Law & Natalie Basil

Is the term 'Sanatana Dharma' more appropriate than the term 'Hinduism' to describe the Vedic tradition?
Ian Levy

Transpersonal Poems:
Love and Attachment
Steve Taylor

The sea goes on forever
John Rowan


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