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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

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Quick Overview

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This report provides an overview of the current state of knowledge about why some people tend to experience periods of extreme mood and what can help. Much has been written about the biological aspects of bipolar disorders: this report aims to redress the balance by concentrating on the psychological aspects, both in terms of how we understand the problems and also approaches to help and treatment. We hope this report will influence the way in which services are delivered, so that more people have access to psychological treatments and that services will no longer insist that users accept one particular view of their problem.





Executive summary

Note on terminology

Part 1: Understanding the bipolar disorders

  • Section 1: What is bipolar disorder?
  • Section 2: How common are these experiences?
  • Section 3: Development impact and course of pipolar
  • Section 4: Problems with 'diagnosis' in mental health

Part 2: Causes

  • Section 5: Life/social circumstances and bipolar
  • Section 6: Psychological factors in bipolar experiences
  • Section 7: Biological factors in bipolar disorders

Part 3: Help and treatment

  • Section 8: Assessment
  • Section 9: Self management
  • Section 10: Psychological therapies for bipolar experiences
  • Section 11: Medication
  • Section 12: Risk and bipolar experiences

Part 4: Recovery

  • Section 13: Recovery and staying well with bipolar disorder

Part 5: Wider implications

  • Section 14: Implications for mental health services
  • Section 15: Social inclusion



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