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Welsh Branch Bulletin 2 1986

Welsh Branch Bulletin 2 1986

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Quick Overview

The Welsh Psychological Bulletin is the former name for The Psychologist in Wales.

It was produced by the Welsh Branch of the British Psychological Society and designed to serve as both a means of disseminating information and as a forum for discussion of issues relevant to psychologists in Wales.





International Conference on the Meaning of Faces, 26th-28th June, 1985

Future Welsh Branch Conference

Welsh Branch - Future Meetings

Some Current Research European Training Program in Brain Behaviour Research

Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Illness Among Factory Workers in Algeria

Children's Understanding of Misunderstanding in Peer Tutoring Contents

Women in Psychology Section

The Dental and Social Effects of Malocclusion and the Effectiveness of Orthodontic Treatment

The Fellowship in Educational Psychology at University College of Swansea, Summer 1985

The Psychology and Psychotherapy Association in Wales

The Child Development Unit

BPS Developmental Psychology Section Workships, 25th and 26th March at UWIST, Cardiff

Research and Publications Relevant to Children with Special Needs and Educational Psychology 1984/85

Psychology, Nuclear Issues, and You - A Burning Issue?

Where Do I Go From Here?

A Personal View of a Psychological Service for the Elderly


Additional Information