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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 14 Summer 2017

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 14 Summer 2017

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society. This edition is a Special Edition focusing on the 2016 winners of the Wessex Branch's Tony Gale Prize



Chair's Column
Kathryn Fielden

BPS Wessex Branch Tony Gale Memorial Prize

2016 Tony Gale Prize Winners

Knowing your emotions and controlling mine: Investigating the relationship of empathy and emotion regulation
Michael Jeanne Childs

The Dark Triad of personality and support for the death penalty
Hannah Coghlan

An everyday examination of subclinical paranoia: The role of the self
Danielle Kerley

The impressions that are formed by an observer when someone expresses nostalgia
Sarah Emily Panko

Assessing the impact of word repetition rate on cognitive defusion efficacy
Richard Neil Papworth

The Ranschburg effect with tactile stimuli
Daisy Roe

A thematic analysis exploring both the motives and concerns for offenders when engaging in restorative justice
Nadia Soliman

Facial mimicry in Sun Bears (Herlarctos malayanus): A broader perspective on emotional behaviours
Derry Taylor

Making sense of irregular female sexual pleasure - A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis of heterosexual women’s sexual communication
Katalin Zsiga

Review of BPS Student Conference
Andy Johnson & Jacqui Taylor

BPS Wessex Careers Conference - November 2016
Lin Bailey

Military Psychology Conferences: A blueprint for conference success?
Fiona Butcher

Attending the Division of Counselling Psychology Annual Conference
Lisa Zomparelli

New PsyPag Committee member
Darren Britton

Review of Sussex Hub
Gene Johnson


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