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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 4 Spring 2011

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 4  Spring 2011

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society.





News from the Hubs

PART I: Synopses from the Wessex Branch Annual Undergraduate/Postgraduate Student Conference 2010
An investigation into how level of connectedness to nature effects the prevalence of depression in rural and suburban raised individuals

James Ricci

Counterfactual reasoning: Investigating the effects of stereotype judgement
Francis Nortley

Health benefits of expressive writing in HIV patients: A qualitative thematic comparison between benefiters and deteriorators
Janey Sahota

Dyslexia in university students: Exploring the association between executive abilities and test anxiety
Elaine Wiltshire

The influence of highlighting and word length on eye movements during reading
Louise-Ann Leyland

The effect of a motor preparation task on subjective and objective sleepiness indices
Rebecca Pocock

The same old story: The effects of repeated storybook reading upon children's novel word acquisition
Kelly Parsons

Summaries of presentations given at the conference
Attitudes and behavioural intentions of typically developing adolescents towards their peers with Asperger's syndrome
Eleni Fleva

Does the sentence always fit the crime; to what extent does physical attractiveness, gender and crime type affect sentence severity?
Charlotte Burton

Investigating secondary school transition as a stressor for increasing social anxiety
Pui Yi Lau

Investigating the relationship between personality traits linked to psychopathy, university course choice and attitudes towards crime - a summary
Samantha McCullough

PART II: Essays on the Wessex Careers Conference 2010
On the neuropsychology talk - What it is and how to get into it: The perspective of a third year psychology student
Lori Oliver

My views on the Wessex Careers Conference
Stacey Ann Lewis

What I learnt to further my plans to become a Forensic Psychologist
Alice Cole

My reflections on a Health Psychology talk
Shaghayegh Akbarpour


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