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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 5 Autumn 2011

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 5 Autumn 2011

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society.




Welcome from the Editor
Dr Caroline Kamau

News from the Hubs: The recent Wessex Branch AGM

Psychology events in Wessex or nearby

News from the Hubs: Dr Gerry Mulhern's Presidential Address

Synopses of the Dissertations that won the 2010 BPS Wessex Branch undergraduate prizes

The influence of user characteristics on advergame effectiveness
Freya Broaders

The legacies of the Vietnam War: Collective memories of two generations of Vietnamese people in Britain
Shun Chun Jennie Chan

The strength of the misinformation effect in relation to socially and non-socially encountered misinformation and the impact of warnings
Georgina Jones

Object Identification Bias: The role of danger stereotypes
Emma Pape

The role of nostalgic interactions on the perceived quality of interpersonal relationships
Kenny Brackstone

Focusing on the time to be happy: Past, present and future-focused happiness interventions
Terri Linzi King

Empowering choice and control for individuals with learning disabilities: The risks and reality. An analysis of staff practice in a domiciliary care provided
Neill Lawley (joint winner)

Graphs versus brain images: An analysis of visual representation as a predictor of journal impact in neuroimaging
Zoe Walton (joint winner)

Individual differences in the evaluation of sweet and bitter alcoholic beverages and alcohol intake as a function of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) taster status and fungiform papillae density
Maria Kekic

An investigation into the psychological, social and personal benefits of creative drama for learning able and learning disabled adults
Rachel Osborne

Seven questions
with Professor Peter Smith


History of Psychology in Britain Quiz - Women in Psychology


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