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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 7 Autumn 2012

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin No 7 Autumn 2012

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society.




Welcome from the Editor
Dr Caroline Kamau


Psychology events in Wessex or nearby

Chair's Column: Member engagement: You & M.E.
Dr Gene Johnson

Time to Branch Out: Sheila Simons

Seven Questions with... Professor Jim Stevenson


History of psychology in Wessex quiz: Focus on Sussex

Wessex Career Journeys

  • Starting my career after studying psychology  Emily Adams
  • Studying a Masters in Community Psychology in Italy Marta Casarin 
  • Travelling and studying in Mexico after my Psychology BSc Katie Henson 
  • My path to working in educational psychology Dr Cara Osborne

Winners of the Wessex Branch Awards for Undergraduate dissertations

Processing conflict resolution rules: The cost of inhibiting an overarching task rule
Joseph Alexander Mole

Gender differences in gaming culture: Do gamers have masculine minds?  
Cheryl l'Anson

The effect of video game violence, competition and gender on aggressive affect in players
Lucy Butt

Getting engaged: Psychiatrists' perspectives of engagement in mental health services
Justin Hansen

Using puppets to improve intelligence test performance in young children: Reducing the gap between performance and potential at assessment
Emily Adams

The effects of desirable difficulty in university lectures: The accuracy and confidence of examination performance and the use of the plurality option to regulate memory accuracy
Katie Henson

The benefits of a personal goal programme and of exposure to metacognitive activities on academic performance and subjective well-being
Marta Casarin

The effect of positive and negative affect on creative ideation and evaluation 
Leah Dawson

Conversational patterns of hearing impaired children and their hearing peers: Using digitile software in an integrated setting  
Natassia Ford Brenman

The effects of playing pro-social video games on state-hostility, pro-social cognition and helpful behaviour  
Lee Saunders


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