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Wessex Psychologist Bulletin Special Issue 16 Spring 2019

Wessex Psychologist Bulletin Special Issue 16 Spring 2019

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Wessex Branch of the British Psychological Society. A Special Edition containing reports from Wessex Branch Military Psychology Conference and abstracts from
Wessex Branch's Tony Gale Memorial 2018 prize winners.



Chair's Column
Kathryn Fielden

BPS Wessex Branch Tony Gale Memorial Prize

Tony Gale Memorial Prize Winners

From first to last - an IPA approach to firstborns' and lastborns' perceptions of birth order effects on experiences and development
Elliot Greywynne

Meat Free Mondays: The role of message frame and anticipated guilt on reducing the UK's meat consumption
Emily Mortimer

Zoo who? A three-factor model to distinguish human-animal interactions and relationships
Flora Whitmarsh

The influence of progesterone on disease avoidance
Anna Barnes

Lexical processing in dyslexic adults during single-word copying: An eye-tracking study
Shannon Babb

Protest, despair, and detached criers: An investigation of adult crying types
Jennifer Perry

The physical health of parents of disabled children: Is this related to parental stress and respite-care?
Emily Friend

Renegotiating sex and intimacy in early motherhood: A positive depiction?
Amy Elizabeth Middleton

Other features

6th Military Psychology Conference: Defence & Security

Wessex Branch Senate Policy Priority Proposal

Wessex Branch Hub Reports


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