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What sport psychologists do

What sport psychologists do

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Quick Overview

An occasional publication for the then Sport and Exercise Psychology Section.

An open invitation was sent to members of the Section to write about 'What Sport Psychologists do' and this had an excellent response. It is hoped that this small book will fill a gap by describing the great variety of issues and problems which come the way of working Exercise and Sport psychologists and so prepare potential practitioners for what they may actually expect to do in their day-to-day work.






Professional and ethical issues in sport and exercise settings
Konstantine Loumidis

The life cycle of a sport psychologist
Lisa Smith and Craig Mahoney

What applied sport psychologists often don't do: on empowerment and independence
John Kremer and Deirdre Scully

The sport psychologist as a member of the sport science team
Ailsa Anderson and Claire Rhoden

Delivering and evaluating a psychological skills training programme for athletes and coaches
Derek Milne and Alan Common

Sport psychology and occupational psychology: a long overdue partnership
Peter Clough

Perceptual expertise in sport: research, theory and practice
Mark Williams and Keith Davids

Working in domains of analysis: individual, team and organizational consultancy
Barry Cripps

Applied sport psychology and motor racing: two case studies
Brian Hemmings

Sport psychology and the schoolboy footballer: A case study
Ian Cockerill

Fighting fat Stateside: a psychological programme for weight-loss, self-esteem and exercise promotion
Sarah Partington and Elizabeth Partington

Life style management: behavioural implications of nutritional depletion in sport
Heinz Tittmar

What could sport psychologists do for runners?
Ewen Rennie

Evaluation, planning and organizing skill acquisition programmes in sport: the role of ecological sport psychologists
Keith Davids, Craig Handford and Mark Williams

The status quo and the future
Nanette Mutrie

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