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Working Successfully in private practice


Quick Overview

Working Successfully in private practice

30 January 2017

Setting up or working in private practice? This workshop covers the challenges and pitfalls of working as an independent practitioner.

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Working Successfully in private practice 30 January 2017 Growing numbers of psychologists and therapists work in private practice either as an adjunct to their other clinical jobs or as their primary professional concern. Working as an independent practitioner is potentially very rewarding professionally and personally, but it is not without its challenges and pitfalls. Skills for working in private practice are seldom taught on psychology and therapy training courses and therefore qualified practitioners must rely on their own resourcefulness and ingenuity to develop a successful practice. The focus will be on an exploration of: •What is good and bad about private practice - commercial and clinical risks •Reputation •Styles and models of therapy and the relationship to private practice •Branding and marketing •Building up a client base •Developing a professional network •Premises - identity, location, safety •Fees, finance and the plain (sometimes boring) facts •Partnerships and associateships •The client intake and screening process and interview •CPD and supervision •Dealing with problem situations (e.g. suicidal clients)

Additional Information

Conference Date 30 January
Start Date 30 Jan 2017
End Date 30 Jan 2017