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Y Seicolegydd yng Nghymru Rhifyn 7 1991/The Psychologist in Wales Issue 7 1991

Y Seicolegydd yng Nghymru Rhifyn 7 1991/The Psychologist in Wales Issue 7 1991

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Quick Overview

The Psychologist in Wales is produced by the Welsh Branch of the British Psychological Society and is designed to serve as both a means of disseminating information and as a forum for discussion of issues relevant to psychologists in Wales.





Introduction from the Chair

Scientific neetings 1990

University of Wales College of Cardiff Update

Research Update from University College Swansea

(a) Food for Thought... D. Benton

(b) Understanding Minds... R. Martin

(c) A Mood Index for Cows?... A. Lysons

(d) The Linkword Language System for Teaching Foreign Languages... M. Gruneberg

(e) Homeworking: An Organisational Challenge?... D. Oborne

(f) Achromatopsia: The Complete Loss of Colour Vision from Cortical Damage... J. Davidoff

The Presidential Address to the 21st Welsh Branch Annual Student Conference

Welsh Branch Bursaries for Postgraduates: Undergraduates in Wales

Conference Report: If Change is the Answer What is the Question?

Clinical Psychology Update

Feet of Clay?

Educational Psychology Update

The Association of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Learning through Assessing: Self and Peer Assessment at the Polytechnic of Wales

Welsh Branch Press Questionnaire

Additional Information